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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Guess what I'll be watching
this weekend??

I dunno why, but I always get sucked into watching these Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Although I must say that I did NOT watch that Zac Efron one, The Lucky One.

I do not read, so obviously Sparks isn't on my Kobo. I don't even own one of those things.

These movies always seem to include someone dying of cancer, a guy from the wrong side of the tracks/a rich girl, a retelling of Romeo & Juliet, but I buy a ticket anyway.


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Friday, October 17, 2014

Spirit of the West's
"Home for a Rest"

(I had to Google the name of this gross song!) 

I know that I'm at the WRONG event/bar/city when this track plays.  Oh how it alienates me.

It's weird.  I'm Chinese-Canadian, but don't really feel like either ethnicity/culture.  I'm an in-betweener/other, but I've also realised that I have no White friends. That's weird, right?


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wanna smell
like me?

Well, you can't 'cause you don't have the same body chemistry! ;)

I'm kiddin', but I had a whiff of Jazz Club, a male fragrance from Maison Martin Margiela and I'd definitely wear this one.  It reminds me of another retro male perfume...but I can't put my finger on it, not Drakkar.

Tres sexy!


posted by Stephania at 8:08 pm


...and this ain't 1!

Possible responses:

1.  Give them some credit, bud, at least they're being safe!  Doesn't that count for anything?

2.  These kids all have maids back in HK who'll wash the dishes, clean condoms, and cook!

3.  "Staying up late drinking", uh...yeah, it's called university.

4.  Wash dishes when they know the maid is coming, ha!

5.  As for the really expensive dining room table, wrap that shit up if you don't want it disturbed/ruined.

6.  Check on them??  Not in my j.d., pal!

7.  My little darlings have grown up.

8.  Welcome to the world of landlordhood, where your only concerns should be 1) whether or not your house is still standing and 2) getting paid...preferably on-time.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Being a doctor's wife ain't easy.

The dream of all Asian women - or at least their parents' - is to marry a doctor.  (Or if they come from a more progressive, educated family, the women can become doctors themselves.)  So what happens when that "dream" is achieved?

Is it pure wedded bliss...while eating bonbons and sitting on a couch while watching eps of General Hospital?  Apparently not, as I recently got just a glimpse as to what life's actually like for those dr's wives who have kids and no nanny.

(Aside:  I have not seen their house, so perhaps a luxe life makes up for the hardships?)

Basically, this wife, a self-proclaimed Type A personality, sounded more like a manager.  All her children are heavily involved in dance, hockey, whatever, so she does spend a lot of time scheduling, shuffling the children from school - activity - back home, etc.  She has 3 children under the age of 11-12.

Whenever I see her, she looks perfect.  Her hair is perfect, her outfit is suitable for the occasion - but I did spot her white, Chanel J12 watch the last time I saw her, and she is fit.  No flab anywhere.  She must work out.  She is friendly yet none of her husband's family speak to her.

Her children are well-behaved.  I can have a proper conversation with her eldest, a son, without baby-talking or dumbing-down my conversation.  He can articulate about their recent vacation in Italy.  It is obvious that him and the other children attend private school.

Before it takes me another week+ to finish this thought, when it boils down to it, it sounded like a j-o-b, job a la managerial vein.


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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Online Dating Rituals of the American Male is just completely vom worthy...yet I'm still watching it.

The 2 dudes that they're featuring tonight are both rich, but no amount of $$$ would help me put up with either of these douches for more than just a dinner date.  And it better be an expensive meal either, none of that cheap shit either!


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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Keep Ebola...

I don't want to sound like an insensitive asshole/someone who watches The Strain/too many movies like the 1995 Outbreak, but America is closer to Canada than Africa, so why are infected Americans being brought back stateside for treatment...when there is no treatment??

If America had a proven cure, then fine.  Kill the virus, save the person, but dudes, aren't these Einsteins watching the same tv shows/movies as everyone else?  Isn't this the sort of virus where victims are tossed into a mass grave somewhere and cremated in order to prevent any further spread?

This just sounds like a horrible, horrible idea to an already terrible tragedy that will have a predictable ending.


posted by Stephania at 11:27 pm

2 People Died At Concert

So over the weekend, two Toronto concert goers of "Veld Music Festival" died after taking either a mysterious brown pill or a clear capsule filled with a white substance.

Aside:  From the line-up, it looks like my kinda concert, but I probably wouldn't go 'cause girls would be dressed like this and it would make me feel creepy + outta place.

I guess it's not a good time unless someone dies...or gets their finger tip bitten off.

Hopefully they died while staring at Calvin soo-much-hotter-as-a-blond Harris' hotness or listening to

Martin Garrix'

...even though it's overplayed.


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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lessons from Itar

* real name/photo withheld

Itar is my Italian cobbler.  I don't see him often, but when I do, he is always looking for an engagement ring, asking me about my marital status, and giving me some life lessons.  So I thought that I'd share some of the stuff that he told me about today:

-  men are pigs, even married men.  The older they get, the bigger the pig

-  men are all the same

-  women are pigs too

-  the majority of women in North America dresses for comfort, re:  they dress like shit

-  children are like a little "lock" between the parents.  If a couple has a place together, that would be even better 'cause that would make a man think twice before he cheats

-  don't give your man a reason to cheat on you, keep in shape, dress feminine, comb your hair, and put on some makeup

I wonder what lessons await me when I pick up my shoes??


posted by Stephania at 10:26 pm
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